The member of the INPPRF in their country, if any. These members are also full and equal members of the Executive Committee of the NNPPRF and have the right to vote in both the General Council and the Executive Committee.

All National Peace Movements/Sports Organizations affiliated with International Peace Movements/International Sports Organizations governing bodies, include is the programme of the World Peace, Social Unity, and Integrity, or the representatives designated by them. A NNPPRF shall not recognize more than one National Peace Movement/Sports Organization for each Peace Movement/Organization governed by such International Peace Movements/ International Sports Organizations.

When dealing with questions relating to the World Peace Conference/Meeting/Seminars etc., only the votes cast by the Executive Committee of the NNPPRF.

The General Council of the NNPPRF shall be held at least once in a year.

The members of the Executive Committee of the NNPPRF shall be re-elected at least every four years at a General Council meeting. The Agenda of which includes such re-election.

The member of the NNPPRFs with the exception of those doing administrative work in forum, shall accept no salary or bonus of any kind for the performances of their functions. They may, however, be reimbursed for their traveling, accommodation and other justified expenses related to the carrying out of their functions.

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