INPPRF-All World Peace Movements


Full membership of the INPPRF is open to International Peace Movements.

International Peace Movements who are eligible for membership can apply to the INPPRF by sending the required simple application form and documents. The provisional membership will be granted by the authority and the final membership's application will appear on the agenda for the next meeting for vote.

A Member Peace Movement may resign from membership but it must fulfil its obligation until the end of the calendar year.

Membership of the INPPRF may be terminated with immediate effects by a decision of the Executive Committee of the INPPRF on the conditions that :

The proposal to do so has been notified to the Member Peace Movement concerned at least four (4) Months in advance;

The proposal has been included in the Agenda of the Executive Committee, and 42-A.4.3 It is carried by at least three-quarter (3/4) of the votes cast in that meeting.

If such decision is taken, the Peace Movements concerned has to fulfill the obligations accused until the day of the decision. Moreover, it will forfeit any membership fees paid for the current year.

The right to participate in any Conferences/Meeting/Seminar/Events of the INPPRF is restricted to World Peace and Common Minimum Programs of World Peace controlled by Member Peace Movements. Membership of the INPPRF does not automatically imply participation in any events of the INPPRF. The criteria World Peace and Common Minimum Programs of World Peace must meet to be eligible for participation are explained in the Rules of the INPPRF.

The Executive Committee shall decide on admitting eligible World Peace and Common Minimum Programs of World Peace, and Conferences/Meetings/Seminars/Events, taking into consideration such aspects as finance, available Programs facilities, and other aspects deemed relevant.

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