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The INPPRF is the only International movement and came into forced to support the Nobel Foundation and it's Committees worldwide as well as all World Peace Movements/Intrenational Sports Organizations

Inspired by the mission of the Nobel Foundation "Nobel Peace Prize", the International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum was created in 2004 with the practical support by the International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC, of its President Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI (India).

A solution for the third millennium

At the dawn of the third millennium, democracy human rights, justice and peace have become overwhelmingly relevant globally as we face ever-increasing violence, unrest and wars. The present world situation calls for urgent and long-term solutions; surely the time has come to allow this seed to grow and help bring peace to our planet.

There are numerous organisations and leaders actively working for peace worldwide in many different ways: this proposal, although initiated by Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI, is an open collective project, a full partnership to unite them into one voice, by creating a permanent Forum within the existing International structure, Support from every angle of society is essential and decisive if this common wish is to become a reality: one new solution for this world in the third millennium.

Since the 8th of June 2004, when the proposal for an International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF was first presented at INOC Headquarters of the (International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC), it has been discussed with several sports leaders and leaders of the very reputed members.

The INOC appreciates and supports the efforts of all organisations and initiatives working towards the one aim of peace, wishing for all to unite in a common forum i.e. INPPRF: a gift for world peace in the third millennium.

INPPRF is the most solid foundation for World Peace.

All World Peace Movements/International Sports Organizations promote the International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum worldwide through its national representatives and their members and look, in one way or another, for the building of global peace. Poverty has sometimes caused wars or at least has been used by social and political leaders to justify wars and different forms of violence and oppression. At the same time nevertheless, world peace movements have significantly contributed towards the development of a culture of peace and have fostered world peace by promoting values such as mutual respect, solidarity, compassion and social justice.

The Nobel Foundation, Sweden & Norwegian Nobel Committee (www.nobel.se, www.nobel.no and www.nobelprize.org) is the main International Award Forum for world peace. Peace-making and peace keeping are its core functions. Nevertheless there is not appropriate International Forum, which they promote countrywide as well as throughout the world of its visions & activities to be represented and to be actively involved in building world peace.

It is time to give world official recognition within the INPPRF and to create for them an appropriate forum within the INPPRF environment to hear their voices and actively associate them in the Nobel task of building World Peace.


To fulfill this need we propose the creation of an International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-INPPRF for World Peace. The INPPRF forum would be a permanent space for the leaders and representatives of all national charters of national movements for dialogue and recommendation for Nobel Peace Prize eligible candidates amongs world society, as well as a bridge with the political forum. The INPPRF forum concept assumes both diversity and commonalities among world peace movements/international sports organizations.

The forum will not entail the creation of a new multi Nobel Peace Prize doctrine, finding out in the dialogue common values, views and goals for concerted action in the search for world peace, with full respect for the right of every group to cultivate, practice and teach its own doctrine.

In this spirit, the INPPRF forum is expected to provide the space and channels for facilitating a better knowledge and understanding about the Nobel Peace Prizes (http://www.nobel.se, www.nobel.no and www.nobelprize.org) of the ethical codes, organization and practices of each other, a basic condition for mutual respect; to interchange ideas and work out common views from a world peace perspective on the major problems and challenges faced by mankind, such as poverty eradication, population growth and protection of the environment; and identify specific areas for concerted action in the promotion of peace.

The INPPRF forum will also offer an official channel to the world peace leaders to speak with one single voice to the political leaders with regard to world peace, which are responsible for promoting social, economic and environmental development. In order to fulfill its mission, the INPPRF forum at international level should be complemented by INPPRF forums created at national and local levels, which will promote world peace dialogue and concerted action for social peace in the world society. With the active involvement of local world society INPPRF forum would remain only as one more superstructure.


The effective operation of the INPPRF forum at all levels can be expected to:

1.Re-energize all world peace movements and national chapters of INPPRF by enabling their visions to remain relevant to the billions of citizens of this planet now and in the future.

2.To represent the interests of its members at International level with regard to the authorities, other world peace movements/inernational sports organizations, the mass media and the public, in as far as this is not left up to the members.

3.To promote social contact between all world peace movements/inernational sports organizations, national chapters, governments, non-governments agencies as well as The Nobel Foundation & Norwegian Nobel Committee etc.

4.Offer new ideas and re-package old ideas in the field of education for peace; and last, but not least.

5.Contribute to solve world conflicts, which are now hindering the development of world peace.


From the Declaration of the INOC Meeting on 08 .06.2004.

"I would like to be very clear, that although I am the initiator of this proposal, as it is gradually realized and the INPPRF Forum is created both locally, nationally and internationally, I personally have no wish to be in the forefront of this The Nobel Foundation & Norwegian Noble Committee. My wish is to stay in the background, serving the International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum in whichever way I am able, but leaving the leadership to those better qualified to develop this INPPRF to its fullest potential for the benefit of all humanity. There are four key points to consider about the International Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum:

1.The INPPRF Forum concept implies working for development of International Forums for World Peace in our local societies, in our countries and at international level.

2.Participants of the INPPRF Forum must respect the rights of every other social group, practise and teach its own doctrine.

3.That we, the participants of the INPPRF Forum, will respectfully try to understand and be sympathetic to other, ethical codes, organizations and practices with the aim of sharing and exchanging ideas about how to solve global problems such as war, poverty and environmental degradation.

4.That we will work together harmoniously to identify specific areas for concerted action in the promotion of world peace.

The INPPRF Forum does not entail the creation of a new award doctrine; it shall be based on the holders of each award's tradition presenting their own system and philosophy at its best, in an open spirit whilst collaborating with other traditions, to find new perspectives and solutions for the many urgent problems now facing humanity.

It is important in the 21st century, both for the development and success of the global village and environment, that world peace accept each other and come to some agreement on major issues such as population studies, economy, environment, peace making, and so on. INPPRF must work together because the harmony of the collective human spirit is the heart of all International Organizations.

The proposal aims to create continuously functioning INPPRF Forums for World Peace at both the international, national and local levels. I hope that it will now collectively accept the proposal as our own and present it to the INOC, the main international organ in the creation of world peace. INPPRF can make an important contribution towards the development of world peace and so we should collectively request the INOC to allow this forum to be realised as soon as possible."

Dr. Mohammed Seraj ANSARI (India)

INPPRF is an independent, non-governmental organization with Category One Recommendation Status to Nobel Peace Prize and consultative or liaison links with many other all world peace organizations and agencies.

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