Member National Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum

INPPRF has over 100 members, National Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum (NNPPFs) - connecting hundreds of thousands of people in every region of the world to the INPPRF. NNPPRs have a unique role to play at the national level in :

  • Disseminating information and educational materials about the Nobel Peace Prize etc. & INPPRF and its mission.
  • Lobbying the government, political parties and interest groups in support of the all World Peace Movements/International Sports Organizations.
  • Conducting Model Intrenational conferences
  • Stimulating the media to provide frequent and accurate coverage of the Nobel Peace Prize Awards and its programs as well as other awards in national and international level.
  • Collaborating with other voluntary organzations on projects related to the work of the World Peace with all World Peace Movements/International Sports Organizations.


Aims and Rules of the NNPPRFs.

  • The mission of the NNPPRFs is to develop, defend, promote and create awareness about the Nobel Peace Prize Awards and work as super governing body of all national peace movements/sports organizations in their respective countries; in accordance with INPPRF's Constitution.
  • Popularize the fundamental principles of the Nobel Peace Prize Awards at the National level, within the framework of INPPRF activity and otherwise contribute, among other things, to the diffusion of the World Society for World Peace.
  • Ensure the observance of the INPPRF Constitution in their respective countries;
  • Encourage the development of high performance World Peace as well World Peace for all;
  • Help in the training and seminar of all world peace movements/sports organizations by organizing conference and meeting and coordination between all world peace movements/sports organizations;
  • Commit themselves of taking action against any form of discrimination and coercion in World Peace;
  • The NNPPRFs have the exclusive right to represent their respective countries at the INPPRF.
  • The NNPPRFs must maintain their autonomy and resist all pressures political, religious or economic that may prevent them from complying with INPPRF's Constitution.

The NNPPRFs have the right to :

  • Formulate proposals addressed to the INPRRF concerning the organization and development of the Forum;
  • send nominations proposals addressed to the INPRRF concerning the final recommendation by the INPPRF for Nobel Peace Prize Awards and Noble Sports Award-(International) & National Nobel Awards (for example: 'India Nobel Award', Categories are Sports, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Literature, Peace and Economics. there will be seven categories; the State Nobel Peace Prize Recommendation Forum-SNPPRF will send their State/Province Awards to the NNPPRF and the NNPPRF will final authority of recommendation for state/province awards, the NNPPRF has to send an official list of state/province awardees to the INPPRF for information and record, the National Awards will be awarded under the physical presence of the INPPRF's official or designated representative;
  • Express their opinion concerning the candidates wishing to nominate the fields mentioned for awards and the World Conference and Meeting/Seminar ;
  • Collaborate in the preparation of the Council;
  • Participate, at the request of the INPPRF, in the activities of the INPPRF's commissions.
  • In order to fulfill their mission, the NNPPRFs must cooperate with governmental and non-governmental bodies.


Whatever their composition, NNPPRFs must include :

  • The member of the INPPRF in their country, if any. These members are also full and equal members of the Executive Committee of the NNPPRF and have the right to vote in both the General Council and the Executive Committee;
  • All National Peace Movements/Sports Organizations affiliated with International Peace Movements/International Sports Organizations governing bodies, include is the programme of the World Peace, Social Unity, and Integrity, or the representatives designated by them. A NNPPRF shall not recognize more than one National Peace Movement/Sports Organization for each Peace Movement/Organization governed by such International Peace Movements/ International Sports Organizations.
  • When dealing with questions relating to the World Peace Conference/Meeting/Seminars etc., only the votes cast by the Executive Committee of the NNPPRF.
  • The General Council of the NNPPRF shall be held at least once in a year.
  • The members of the Executive Committee of the NNPPRF shall be re-elected at least every four years at a General Council meeting. The Agenda of which includes such re-election.
  • The member of the NNPPRFs with the exception of those doing administrative work in forum, shall accept no salary or bonus of any kind for the performances of their functions. They may, however, be reimbursed for their traveling, accommodation and other justified expenses related to the carrying out of their functions.

The NNPPRFs perform the following tasks :

  • Form, organize and lead their respective delegations at the World Conference, Meeting/Seminars and at the Regional, Continental and World Levels patronized by the INPPRF. They determine the entry of delegates and Members proposed by their respective NNPPRF.

It is suggested that NNPPRFs:

  • Include in their activities the promotion of world peace through Nobel Peace Prize Awards and all Peace Movements/Sports Organization;
  • Seek sources of financing which will enable them to maintain their autonomy in all respects.

National Peace Movements/National Sports Organizations

  • To be recognized by and be accepted as a member of the NNPPRF, a National Peace Movement/National Sports Organization must exercise a specific and real Peace promoting activity, be affiliated to an International Peace Movements/International Sports Organizations recognized by the INPPRF, and conduct its activities in compliance with both the INPPRF Constitution and the rules of its International Peace Movements/International Sports Organizations.

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