INPPRF-International Sports Organizations

Aims - International Sports Organizations

INPPRF-International Sports Organization's aims to gain more support for the spirit of the World Peace among young people, as well as to further the world-wide activities of International Sports Organizations. It seeks to promote the establishment of Inernational Sports Organizations where they do not exist.


Membership to INPPRF-International Sports Organizations are open to all movements/organizations which are accredited through their national NNPPRF. In countries where no NNPPRF exist, membership is open to the Observers themselves on the basis of their Peace Programs and peace-related activities.

Relationship to INPPRF

INPPRF-International Sports Organizations are an autonomous, not-for-profit organization, affiliated with INPPRF. By supporting each other's work, INPPRF and INPPRF-International Sports Oranizations are able to reach their common goals in the best possible way.

Benefits for joining INPPRF

INPPRF will extend all possible help to International Sports Orgaganizations for creation of its national-chapters in all over the world for better representation of their organization.

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